What does Steak and Printed T-Shirts have in Common

What does Steak and Printed T-Shirts have in Common?

Quite a bit actually.

This past weekend my grandson had a birthday.  One of the things he wanted was a new bicycle.  The other was a steak dinner.

Buying the bicycle was pretty straight forward.  Find which retailers had the bike he wanted.  See who has the best price.  Go get the bike.

But the steak dinner?  That was a different story.  After all, there are tons of steak houses in our area.  Everything from local family owned restaurants to major chains.  And mid price all the way to super high end.  You get the idea.

Deciding which place to go to was a bit more of a process than the bicycle purchase.

So, what does that have to do with Printed T-Shirts?

When purchasing Custom Printed T-Shirts, people often think commodity.  And rightfully, the t-shirt part is much like the bike.  But the printing part is a lot like the steak.

After all, steaks come in all different grades.  Prime, Choice, Wagyu, etc… Then you have the preparation of the meal.  This could mean the difference between a fair meal and an amazing one.

There are many great print shops in the industry that offer the equivalent of the Choice steak.  Then you can find a select few that offer Prime quality and service.

I guess printed t-shirts are not a commodity after all.


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