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AS Colour Classic Tee
Toby Peltier

AS Colour simply screen prints the best

But when it comes to the king of print quality, the nod goes to AS Colour.  Particularly the Classic Tee.  This may not be the shirt for everyone, but the shirt prints insanely well.  The fabric is ultra smooth.  And I think they treat the surface of the product with some kind of magic.

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Toby Peltier

Good Raster, Bad Raster

Good Raster, Bad Raster What is the difference? Often times we get a request to print a file that, well, just will not print very

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Custom Tie Dye Shirts
Toby Peltier

Custom Tie Dye Shirts

Made famous in the 1960’s, the Tie Dye shirt lives on.  Many of the popular bands of the day, such as Greatful Dead, and the

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