Custom Tie Dye Shirts

Custom Tie Dye Shirts

Made famous in the 1960’s, the Tie Dye shirt lives on.  Many of the popular bands of the day, such as Greatful Dead, and the VW camping lifestyle ingrained the tie dye shirt into our heritage much like boots and cowboys did in the 1800’s.  And today’s tie dye shirts are more colorful than ever.

Names like Spiral, Typhoon, Marble, Bullseye, Fusion…  the list goes on and on.  The creativity in the tie dye shirts of today is amazing.  Tie Dye shirts are great for uniform programs, events or souvenir shops. They are popular in every age group and demographic.

Printing tips for Tie Dye Shirts

The first issue is the dye patterns often make for hard to read logos if the design is too intricate.  It’s recommended that only large text (like LOVE) or bold art are used in the final design.  It’s also helpful to use a contrasting outline in the art if detail is on the finer side.

The second issue in printing Tie Dye shirts is the shirts are twisted and tied when dying.  Much like ringing out a rag or wet shirt the garment is wrinkled when the printer receives them.  The wrinkles make it difficult to get a perfectly flat canvas to print on at times.  This leads to a small amount of imperfections in the print process.

Ink selection is key.  In most cases white, black or navy are the preferred ink colors to use.  White ink contrasts well with the darker Tie Dye patterns, black and navy with the lighter patterns.  Some of the mid tone shirts look very well printed with either color.  If a corporate color is used it may be best to outline the design with black or white.

Another fun idea for a party is to print a white shirt then Tie Dye the shirts after printing.  The dye will not adhere to the ink so only the shirt will be dyed and the print will still look great. So for your next event you may want to give Tie Dye a try.


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