Screen Printing Fashion Tees and Choosing the Right Design

There are many challenges when printing on today’s hottest fashion trends, none more difficult than girls fashion tees.

So why are ladies tees so different?  Well… to start with, like it’s counterpart (the unisex tee), the fabric is very thin and stretchy.  But to compound matters the shirt is hour glass shaped which causes the shirt to distort some when placing onto the pallet.  V-necks further the possibility to cause fabric distortion when loading onto the press.  Care in loading the garment can go a long way to help the outcome but there are some things that should be taken into consideration before the project begins.

The first thing to consider is the choice of art.  Circles and thin horizontal shapes or lines of text should be avoided on this type of shirt.  Take a look at the image of the fitted shirt when loaded on a pallet. A smaller shirt can easily stretch in the middle body area and change the shape of the shirt slightly which will contract back into its original shape when removed from the press.  So the print will bend and warp when the shirt returns back to it’s original shape.  To help prevent distorted images we recommend printing logos or designs with abstract shapes.

The second challenge is printing blocky, solid color logos. These type logos require a thicker layer of ink that adds a tremendous amount of weight and thickness to the shirt.  The biggest advantage of the thinner fashion tees is the light weight of the fabric and cooler, more comfortable wearability. Consider distressed designs, thin line logos or vintage prints with minimal opacity.

With these considerations the end result will be much more comfort, softer prints and designs that are guaranteed to look great.


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