Thank you for your interest in the services of Shirt Lizard. We look forward to helping you with your screen printing, DTG printing, and embroidery needs.

1. All orders should be sent to with the PO number in the subject line. This is our preferred method of delivery for all purchase orders. All questions or supporting information must remain in this same email thread. The same email thread keeps the entire facility up to date on every aspect of your order.

2. A complete purchase order (PO) is required on all orders. The PO MUST include: artwork, decoration placement, decoration method, product style, product color, complete breakdown of sizing/quantity, ship to address, shipping method, and the in hands date. It is also helpful to include where the product is coming from and the sizing of the artwork. Please let us know if we are duplicating a previous print.

3. All goods shipped into our facility require a matching PO# on the incoming goods as well as the provided Purchase Order.  Received goods without or incorrect PO#’s will delay the order. 4. After receipt of an order, we will send out an order acknowledgment which outlines the order details. It is especially important to check the acknowledgment for any discrepancies. These discrepancies should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid problems or delays with the order.

5. An electronic proof/sew out will follow in a couple of days to ensure accuracy of the order. A proof/sew out approval is required to move the order into production. It is especially important to review the proof/sew out for any decoration errors. Any decoration errors should be addressed before a proof is approved. If the PO needs to be revised, please send it to

6. Once the order is completed an email will be sent out with tracking information on all shipped orders.